Light Modules
Module Description:

LED module,consist of radiator、high power LED light source、driver、standard electrical seal ring.It use modular design,which is convenient for light sources upgrading、light distribution、module maintenance upgrading.

CLTL Products Modules Application:

CLTL module is suitable for new style module high power LED lights as well as all kinds of high pressure sodium lamp redevelopment,it keep the original lamp shell,just replace LED light source elements,which can significantly bring down the improvement cost.

Module Features:

1. Adopt industry alliance standard electrical interface design,make the module maintenance、module upgrading more simple and convenient.
2. Heat sink is made from high heat conducting properties 6063 aluminum alloy with high structural strength and excellent cooling.
3. Accurate light distribution design,to achieve perfection in light source utilization rate while ensuring product’s brightness and evenness.
4. Lens is made from import PC materials, charactered by high transmitting、resist heat and flame、strong stability and so on.
5. It has favorable cooling effect and stability while comparing with high power COB light source.
6. Compare with integration products,module products have much more various and flexible appearance,which can meet many fields need.

Method of Application:

Serial-parallel mixed connection method of application through one LED power supply driver one or multiple modules .

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