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  • Case Name:Fire Station(September 2012)

    Lighting:Flood Light
    Detail:After an exhaustive search for a cutting edge solutions, this fire station selected 15pcs 120W LED flood lights that will provide superior illumination on the runs with significant power efficiencies over traditional lights. This is important as their overriding goal is to be environmentally and fiscally responsible while providing a quality experience for the staff working their. We dedicated to the value of doing what’s right for clients while also doing what’s right for our enviroment.
  • Case Name:Gas Station(Junuary 2015)

    Lighting:Gas Station light
    Detail:This high tech lighting system includes 18 LED gas station fixtures and are projected to last at least 10 years compared to four to five years for traditional metal halides fixtures. “It will look light high noon. But only at night, the lights are that bright”,said gerneral manger Martin Rusynyk. “We are pretty excited about the technology”. Martin said the technology is a good fit with their over all use of green technology. “The power consumption alone is about one-quater of normal ighting and , of course, there are many other efficiencies as well. Over the long run we will be saving a lot of money,” he said.
  • Case Name:The Football Stadium(May 2014)

    Lighting:280W Flood light
    Detail:Located in Londonderry, N. Ireland, this 8 year old stadium was previously lit by metal halide lights that were starting to dime very inconsistently. Complaints from football players push the county authority to investigate upgrade alternatives. And we are lucky to draw their attentionswith our newly-branded LED flood lights. A significant improvement is the fact that the lighting energy use decreased from 800W to 280W which is a 75% energy savings, while the whole stadium is much more like in daytime evenwhen it’s in use at night.
  • Case Name:The parking lot(October 2013)

    Lighting:Tri-proof light
    Detail:This parking lot project which consists of 300pcs fxtures is a commercial demonstration of an inovative lighting solutions from CLTL. The LED tri-proof light with dimming has the potential to cut the lighting costs for the community by up to 80% as compared to fluorescent lighting, making the upgrade invenstment pay for itself in as little as two years. We are always looking for ways to lower our costs so we can continue to offer greater savings to our customers.
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